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Hiya, Superstar.

Welcome to my Locals page!

I’m Dani Katz, and I do aaaalllll the things:

I write books and articles.

I illustrated said books and articles, along with fun products.

I teach teens and grownups how to create and transform reality with language.

I consult with individuals and organizations on Quantum Languaging, and optimized communication culture.

I coach courageous, new Earth badasses in the realms of transformation and empowerment.

I have a couple podcasts, wherein I talk to rad folks about deep truth, metaphysical awesomeness, propaganda, weaponized truth and how to live a Yes life.

I make lots of videos, wherein I teach Quantum Languaging hacks, share Planetary Service Announcements, and offer a big, bunch of cultural criticism.

I know it sounds like a lot, and it is, but don’t go freaking out about it, because I’m a 5/1 manifesting generator, which means I’m SUPPOSED to do all the things.

You can learn more about my work here"

I post daily on Instagram, and I recommend following me there:

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